Headphones On Means Concentrating

Follow-up to I Want Your Voice from Casey’s Blog

But I wish that I had a better collection of music at work…

I’ve brought in my MP3
player as well – but that only lasts me a morning. So now I’m back to
the random odds and sods that have found their way onto my work PC.

Screenshot from Windows Media Player

And, as you can see, it truely is a randomised assortment, largely consisting of tracks sent by friends as a joke…

See: Making Your Mind Up, Yoda in Knightrider, Windmills of Your Mind etc.

It’s just as well I brought in some CDs today as well (just ones I grabbed off the kitchen windowsill on the way out):

  • The Strokes – Room on Fire
  • The Libertines – Up the Bracket
  • Artic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Oh well, back to it….

7 Responses to “Headphones On Means Concentrating”
  1. All
    my music at work was copied over from my PC with the help of an
    external hard drive so I’ve got a fairly full collection, plus my usual
    downloads from music blogs that keep me going… 🙂 And my iPod as
    backup, hehe

  2. I
    have the vast majority of my music from home on my work machine, asside
    from some suspect albums I didn’t bother to copy. My problem is getting
    albums here as I don’t have a drive that reads DVDRW, and I can’t be bothered to do specific albums on a CDRW.

    said that I’m getting very bored with my music collection. Most of the
    tracks with a play count of 0 I don’t want to listen to. Might be time
    for a mass transport from home to refresh the collection, especially
    the live albums someone just leant me. Good.

  3. I
    almost always use the last.fm streaming radio when I’m working along to
    music. Saves me having to keep a local library up to date and it
    adjusts according to your personal music tastes.


  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Ok – I’m giving last.fm a go. Thanks Nick.

    It all looks a bit alien though – what’s scrobbling?

  5. Scrobbling
    is where you tell last.fm what music you’ve listened to, so that
    last.fm can update your music tastes and give you more music to listen
    to that you’ll probably like 🙂

    It’s worth paying for, but I guess that’s a bit heavy if you haven’t even used it yet!

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    true. At the moment I have a little gizmo sitting on my PC which is
    telling me a bit about the band I’m listening to and who else I might

    Which is all well and good except that we have almost
    all the ‘You might also like’ stuff already – it’s just that I don’t
    have a way of listening to it at work.

    I’ll carry on looking at this and consider a bigger MP3 player/ipod/external hard drive.

    Thank you all.

  7. The last.fm client is most useful for streaming radio, you should try that 🙂

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