Big Slipper Weather

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Big SlipperNow, if I’d told you about this last week you would have laughed at me. But now I bet you’re jealous!

In fact when I bought my Big Slipper last year I was so pleased with it that I bought my sister one for Christmas!

My dad christened it The Big Slipper in honour of the Billy Connelly sketch.

And given that the weather has turned I’ve had an opportunity to wear my ‘Big Slipper Blanket’.

Big Slipper BlanketThey’re so cozy that I don’t care that I look like across between an old dear in the local nursing home and Demis Roussos.

In fact sat here, in the air–conditioned office, in my autumn work wardrobe (seriously), I wish I had them with me now.

Autumn is my favourite season – but it doesn’t traditionally start until after my birthday next week …

to think of it – that’s probably why I like Autumn. I associate it with
new beginnings, buying Autumn wardrobes (a hang–over from buying new
school uniforms) and spending ‘birthday money’.

In fact,
this weather is all my fault in the first place – I bought a lovely
free–standing hammock about a week and a bit ago. It had no sooner
entered the house than the clouds rolled in.

Pictures courtesy of the IKEA website

2 Responses to “Big Slipper Weather”
  1. I find those IKEA website pictures don’t have enough resolution… can we see pictures of you in The Big Slipper?

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    I’m foolish enough to wear them in the safety of my own home – but not insane enough to provide you with documentary evidence!

    And if this happens again then they may well be a wise investment.

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