Which Cartoon Character Would you Like to Be a Warwick Graduate?

Miffy - Cute Little BunnyMiffy, pictured left, is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam.

Or, more accurately, her creator Dick Bruna is.

is the creator of Miffy, or Nijntje (pronounced nein–che, “little
rabbit”) as she is known in Holland. You may have missed it, but last
year Miffy turned 50. For anyone unfamiliar with Miffy, here is a
run–down of her globetrotting CV. Since her first appearance in 1955,
Miffy has starred in 115 books, which have been translated into 40
languages and sold more than 85m copies worldwide. She has become a
cult figure, perhaps more popular among pre–teens than the pre–school
market for whom she was originally designed. From the shopping malls of
Tokyo to Topshop in Oxford Circus, Miffy merchandising is big business;
she is one of Holland’s biggest exports, reaching those places that
even her main rival, Heineken, cannot reach.

Amsterdam use her on presentations and everything.

If Warwick could have any cartoon character as an alumnus which one would you like it to be?

And why?


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