People Who Put CDs Back

Writing about web page

in the wrong case. Should be lined up against a wall and shot.

I was looking forward to listening to No Love Lost by The Rifles (who we saw supporting The Dead 60s at the Colly) – but instead I’m listening to Waterloo to Anywhere by The Dirty Pretty Things.

Which is also good – but disappointing because it’s not what I wanted.

7 Responses to “People Who Put CDs Back”
  1. Allan Smith says:

    Pfft, I’d be happy if people just put CDs [i]back[/i], to be honest.

    I saw the Rifles the same time. I wasn’t massively impressed.

  2. You should always check whats inside the case first!

    – since you have linked to their myspace page, does this mean that you
    ‘get’ myspace a bit more now? I think the best thing about myspace is
    listening to new music! Am loving Paolo Nutini’s Last Request. Great song!

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    I’ve moved on to The Rakes now – Capture/ Release.

    And no – I shouldn’t have to check what’s in the case. (Himself is for the high jump.)

    On myspace – in short: no. But most groups seem not to have websites anymore – only myspaces.

  4. Holly Cruise says:

    The Rakes are brilliant.

    But wrong case people are evil. Worse is those who put CDs back on the shelf but not in alphabetical order! Some of us alphabetise not for the sake of being anal but because without the trusty alphabet we can’t find anything!

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    In the back of my head, I smash your fucking face in.

    (Himself’s favourite line.)

    Which I think is a bit like my idea of mentally pulling faces at people

  6. Believer says:

    Did this apply to cassettes too as I seem to remember having difficulty getting the message across to someone !

  7. Casey Leaver says:

    No – cassettes are a whole ‘n’other kettle of fish. Tsk.

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