Warwick Masterchef?!

Writing about Warwick Cookout? from Jon’s Blog

Oh – I am so up for this… This is perfect.

Bagsy the following people on my team – based on food blogging (whether they want to be or not!):

Dusts off Gordon Ramsey-style attitude.

7 Responses to “Warwick Masterchef?!”
  1. Holly Cruise says:

    Damn, format those smileys evil WB!!

  2. Tom Abbott says:

    Oh Yes!

    Can I bring my big fuck off knife?

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Holly – you can join as well – as long as you promise not to do this:

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    So – currently we’re at:

    Holly Cruise (PG Student)
    Dan Goodman (Alumnus)
    Tom Abbott (Staff)
    Casey Leaver (Staff)

    We just need one more person…

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    And Stuart Coles – Trust Me, I’m Nearly a Doctor

    That’s the full 6 – and I’ve only ever met two of them!

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