Enthusiastic Clapping

Follow-up to Helen Wins! from Casey’s Blog

I’m ploughing through last week’s email today…

One from Nick who, with his Sabb hat on, was on the stage:

While me and Andy were bored during the MBA ceremony we were discussing clapping,

noticed that you clap each person very enthusiastically giving at least
10 claps per person. With 350 people in each ceremony and 10 ceremonies
that means you must have done a whopping 35,000 claps this week. Are
your hands hurting?

PS We’re very impressed!!

Hey – I do my best!

14 Responses to “Enthusiastic Clapping”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    Do you find you just go into auto–clap whenever a name is mentioned?

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Not quite yet – but if it had gone on for another day…

    Which reminds me of one of my favourite Eddie Izzard sketches:

    did experiments with dogs. Fantastic ones, where he did “Day one: rang
    bell, dog ate food. Day two: rang bell, dog ate more food. Day three:
    rang bell, dog ate my leg.”

    I mean, we know this, you ring bells and dogs are gonna fucking eat food. But his cat experiments were never published.

    one: rang bell, cat fucked off. Day two: rang bell, cat went and
    answered door. Day three: rang bell, cat said, “There’s a bell
    ringing.” Day four: rang bell but cat put its paw on bell so it only
    made a thunk thunk thunk noise. Day five: went to ring bell but cat had
    stolen batteries. Day six: cat rang bell. I ate food.”

  3. Helen Ryan says:

    Brilliant. Cat is off to the vet tomorrow, if cat decides to make itself visible that it.

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Ah ha – the fictitious cat!

  5. Newly graduated says:

    Nick and Andy might have been discussing clapping, but they didn’t appear to be doing any themselves.

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    Now, now, be nice. I saw them clapping.

  7. Nick Seagrave says:

    Yes we were!! A standard five then extra if you know the person graduating and depending on how well you know them.

  8. Holly Cruise says:

    I don’t recall the volume when I went up, just that I acted like an idiot. I was most pleased with myself 😀

  9. …Chamber Choir don’t clap…
    …we’ve been through too many of them – it’s just rather unfortunate when we’re on autopilot reading our magazines paying not quite enough attention, and miss someone we know…


  10. Helen Ryan says:

    clap despite having been through so many of them, and we’re always
    disappointed by the attitude of the chamber choir who look very
    unprofessional up there.

  11. if i graduate i’m only clapping for my friends, and laughing at those i dislike.

  12. Helen,

    a fair point… Do you guys do it on shifts, or does it tend to be the
    same people each year? I think the assumption is that nobody is
    actually looking at the chamber choir, and it’s not as if there’s lots
    of talking going on or anything like that. Just the occassional book
    being read.


  13. Helen Ryan says:

    tends to stay a pretty stable crew, with leavers being replaced each
    year people usually wind up doing two years of it. We do get some break
    time during the ceremonies, but that depends on where you’re sitting as
    in some places you can’t be replaced, for example in the choir stalls
    as you’re in such an obvious position. The breaks are needed though as
    we get a shorter lunch than most other people involved because of the
    time taken to reset the hall.

  14. Michael Jones says:

    should do car park duty instead. Much less work, no–one expects you to
    clap, and you get to annoy the Pro–Chancellor’s chauffeur by telling
    him he can’t put the Jag in CP5 because he hasn’t got his VIP pass.

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