Helen Wins!

Writing about That time of year again… from Every Nightmare Begins As a Dream

So far…

For wearing a fantastic saree that matched her hood and sauntering across the stage whilst blowing a big kiss at the audience.

I whooped! Which caused some amusement from the Honorary Grad who was sat next to me…

Now Mat Mannion – is this the time to remind you about that high five?

Going back over now.

9 Responses to “Helen Wins!”
  1. But I’m scared! 😦

  2. Helen Ryan says:

    Did you miss the bit where I kissed the VC?

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Actually – I did. I was too busy frantically cheering. But a colleague told me about it later.


    You now must buy the official video so that you have it for posterity!

  4. Helen Ryan says:

    My mum has bought it.

  5. That was you!!!! OH MY GOD! Hilarious!

  6. He did looked damn shocked

  7. That will probably be his final memory of Warwick…

  8. When I went to the one on thursday he had a coughing fit. I tittered. And hid the Benylin

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