Visit Britain – Eat Nettles

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Hmm. I’ve just stumbled across this photo on the Visit Britain website.

VisitBritain undertook a major research project in eight overseas markets that looked at exactly why people come to Britain.

realised from this work that being a ‘must see’, ‘tick–off’
destination, as Britain was often described, is no longer enough. With
so little time and so much choice, tourists are looking for far more
from their holiday. They want an experience. They want to touch the
place and meet the people.

They want to watch people eat nettles?

work also defines the brand essence, a way of summing up Britain and
capturing the unique spirit of the place and its people. The three
words at the heart of the essence that define Britain as a tourist
destination are Depth, Heart and Vitality.

Intrigued, I googled to see what I could find out about this British pastime.

It turns out that the world nettle-eating competition is hosted in Dorset.

Who knew?

Now, cooked, I can understand. Soup aux Orties

6 Responses to “Visit Britain – Eat Nettles”
  1. Erm… do they sting inside your mouth?

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Yes, they will raw – but they won’t cooked.

    Apparently there’s some kind of secret trick to eating them raw though.

  3. Helen Ryan says:

    It’s all about the way you wrap them. I saw it on newsround.

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Gasp. The nettle secret is exposed!

  5. Nettle
    cooking was featured on a Fearnley–Whttingstall programme. He went
    collecting but forgot his gloves. Amusingly painful for the great
    insectivorous chef.

    This kind of thing could only really happen in Dorset. They are as mad as a bag of adders, and happy to be seen as such.

    Did you know that Britain’s hottest chillis are grown there? And you can buy them by mailorder

  6. Dorset Naga

    this chilli is extremely hot; please use with the greatest caution
    Under no circumstances should one of these chillies be left where an
    unwitting person, especially a child, might handle them. Six fruit per
    pack (or more if they are small). Price: 1.80 per pack.


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