Reclaim Salad 3 – Egg & Bacon Salad

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Bacon & EggsLettuceLast night, after the hour and a half of cold war resulting from a perceived slight during the washing up, I served dinner.

We had a bastardised Jamie Oliver recipé – a kind of egg and bacon salad.

was just as well as I needed to finish up the eggs and bacon which
otherwise would have been hoovered up as sandwich fodder in a piggy

  • 1 1/2 Romaine lettuces – wash to remove tiny brown flies and tear leaves
  • Freshly boiled and drained asparagus and broad beans
  • Bacon snipped into little bits and fried until very crispy
  • Fresh croutons also fried with bacon
  • Thin slices of stale baguette
  • Sliced fresh tomato (optional)*
  • Cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and mustard vinegarette
  • Sliced boiled new potatoes – that I forgot to put in
  • Poached egg on each serving – or shelled soft–boiled in my case because I’m rubbish at poaching eggs

Combine all ingredients except egg and serve with egg on top.

It’s gorgeous the way the yolk runs out and coats everything else.

it was served I managed to coax Himself downstairs. He’d been cowering
in the spare room with the cat. He was further placated by being able
to eat whilst watching Spain Vs France.

*Optional because himself doesn’t like the ‘tomato ming’ in fresh tomatoes. Optional means I get it and he doesn’t.


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