Bookcrossings – Why Have I Found None of These Books?

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According to Bookcrossings 34 books have been released at bus stops in Earlsdon – why have I found none of them?

I did find one a few weeks ago on a bench on our road – but it was science fiction so I let someone else have it.

I might prowl around tonight and try and find The Secret Life of Bees

In fact I’m off now… apparently Things We Knew Were True is currently in the wild in University House.

BC, BCing, or BXing, is defined as the practice of leaving
(“releasing”) a book in a public place (“the wild”) to be picked up and
read by others, who then do likewise. The analogy is with the
ornithological practice of ringing birds to track their movements.

are no charges for participation but donations to keep the Web site
going can be made via PayPal, and by other means.
Bookcrossers who purchase items through the Bookcrossing supply store
or BC Newsstand will temporarily receive small golden wing symbols on the sides of their screen names.

Definition from Wikipedia

6 Responses to “Bookcrossings – Why Have I Found None of These Books?”
  1. Casey, did you find the book that was apparently left in University House??

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Not yet… Perhaps we need to organise a lunchtime search!

  3. Caroline Tucker says:

    found one in the Arts Centre last term and finally got round to
    releasing it in the lobby of a hotel near London at the weekend. I was
    glad to finally get it back out there!

  4. Natalie Snodgrass says:

    I have a Dilbert one, if anyone’s interested… I confess to having skipped all the words and focused on the cartoons though.

  5. Hero says:

    You can find a large selection of these books at the stagecoach lost property office.

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    Ah – ha! Rona has found two Book Crossing points in the fitst–floor kitchens in University House!

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