Abhorent – Candidate for Book Burning

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Book front cover

American Psycho
Bret Easton Ellis
Not rated

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while.

usually a woolly–headed wishy–washy liberal about most things – but
this book really turned my stomach and made me wonder how the author
managed to imagine, and presumably in order to write such graphic
descriptions, visualise, the torture involved.

I could
heartily appreciate the style and class of the writing – but the
subject matter revolted me beyond my ability to adequately express my

I read the entire book hoping for a twee and moral ending but fittingly there was none.

6 Responses to “Abhorent – Candidate for Book Burning”
  1. A rather odd book by all accounts. I read it a few years back.

    My dad raised the question you did – that the author must have a few issues to be able to think up such things.
    However, I personally believe that a good number of people could
    imagine such things if they had to, but they just dont go so far as
    develope the ideas and write them down…

    All in all it’s a tad weird read.

  2. John says:

    I notice that you managed to read the entire book though so the subject matter can’t have been that bad.

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    I couldn’t have made a judgement without reading the whole book – I was waiting to see whether there was a point.

    Plenty of the passages were absolutely repulsive, and on the strength of those passages I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone.

  4. Caroline Tucker says:

    may not want to recommend it but you should never want to burn it. All
    literature should be freely available so that others can read it for
    themselves and form their own judgements on it.

    ps. I have
    read it and was repulsed by it but I have found myself thinking about
    it at random times since so in that respect it was a highly effective
    piece of writing.

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    The book burning bit was tongue–in–cheek! 😀

  6. Caroline Tucker says:

    I believe you – it’s just something I feel strongly about 🙂

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