I Eat Trash Too

Follow-up to Sorry Anna from Casey’s Blog

honour of my sister – a blog entry to publicly confess that I don’t
prepare gourmet meals after a full day at work every night.

She rang me the other night as I was cooking a Thai Green Curry and expressed disbelief that I could cook properly every night.

(There – happy now?!)

fact last night is a case in point, by the time I’d walked home I was
hot, sweaty and a bit dehydrated, and really didn’t feel like cooking!

So I went to the Co–op and bought:

  • Tortilla wraps
  • Small can of refried beans
  • Plain low fat yoghurt
  • Cooked chicken (unfortunately satay was all that was left)
  • Salsa
  • Lettuce
  • Cheddar

I grated the cheddar and some carrots from the fridge,
washed the lettuce and then we sat in the garden and constructed our
own wraps.

But for the record I have also been known to
breakfast on supernoodles, leftover pizza or cake and have a huge soft
spot for saveloys (inherited I suspect from my maternal grandmother).

So – there you go – proof that’s it’s not all Cordon Bleu, organic, free–range, Cuisine par Exellence at our house!

I think everybody has a soft spot for some junk food though…

Incidentally – reading The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict at the moment. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve finished it.

6 Responses to “I Eat Trash Too”
  1. Dan Goodman says:

    Yes, but not that monstrosity in the picture I hope!

  2. The wraps needed some gauacamole, too, surely?

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Yes – I have even been known to eat Burger King on occasion. It’s very
    rare though – I think the last time was last summer. I can’t stand McDs

    Richard: You are more than right. Sadly Co–op was out of guacamole and avocados – we had to do without.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree, BK is definitely better than McDs.

  5. skin & blister says:

    not good enough, we needed actual photographic evidence. and your case
    in point, is barely a case in point, case, it still sounds yummy. I’m
    talking processed white bread, plastic cheese, left–over take–away etc,
    or two ingredient meals, such as pasta and pesto, chesse on toast.

    please try harder.

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    She’s a hard taskmaster…

    I admitted to Supernoodles for breakfast and everything – one of my guiltiest pleasures.

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