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It’s funny how a lot of the time you have no idea what your friends actually do at work… as opposed to where they work.

Last night, in the pub, I actually asked a friend what he did. He works at BECTA and he used to work for JISC and at one point he worked here.

turns out that he kind of invented the term Managed Learning
Environment – and now, from what I understand he works on developing
learning platforms.

He sits between the ideas people and the coding people and writes user–focused and task oriented specifications.

he says that Managed Learning Environments are now dead ducks because
generally people log on to one place (where everything ought to appear)
and none of the systems sitting behind it talk to each other.

It’s also his opinion that the cultural and political issues in HE make it practically impossible to implement.

Well – makes a change from the usual kind of pub conversation!

One Response to “MLE – Learning Platform”
  1. The Cov Cat says:

    Hello Casey

    A different style of pub conversation indeed!

    MLEs will (hopefully) not die but should evolve alongside new e–developments.

    BTW: Love the cat and mouce pic!


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