Student Cookery Guide – Useful Article

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Authored by The Happy Housewife

trick is to buy ingredients that can be used in more than one meal. For
example, a whole chicken makes a fantastic and easy roast dinner, and
the leftover meat can be used in sandwiches or salads for lunches, or
put into a curry. The carcass, once picked clean, can be boiled up with
the left over veggies from your roast dinner to make soup.

I have to say a little word about leftovers. Never, ever chuck anything
away (unless it has gone blue and furry, of course). With some
imagination you´ll get another meal out of it.

you are shopping in the supermarkets, look out for their own brand
labels. There is no room for food snobbery on your budget, I´m afraid,
and actually, you´d be hard pressed to tell the difference anyway.

Yes – absolutely!

about time I posted another recipe… I was thinking that you might be
needing a quick and easy revision treat. Crumpet pizzas maybe?


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