My Oxford

Writing about My Oxford top 10 from transversality

Feeling nostalgic now – I loved living in Oxford!

My Oxford top ten are as follows:

The Covered Market
– fantastic foodie treats – no visit to Oxford is complete without
going to the Cheese Shop for an Oxford Blue, Fellers for organic meat,
the veg stall opposite the cheese stall for some banter and a
surprising range of fresh veg, Palms & Fasta Pasta for Itialian and
East European deli goods and finally the pasty stall for an obligatory

Baltic Food (formerly_Ruskaya
Skazka_ or Russian Fairytale) on the Cowley Road – for crates of Baltic
Number 3, khran, vinagaretki and tons of other Russian goodies.

The Lamb & Flag,
St Giles – far better than the Bird and Baby on the other side of the
road and great mulled wine in the winter. A very basic and functional
pub though – best for winter weekends withe the papers!

The Goat and Compasses
(known by me & Himself as the Giraffe and Cheese Sandwich) –
snuggly and very cheap. Gorgeous free house with unconventional beers
on tap.

(I could go on for a while about my favourite pubs
in Oxford so perhaps I’d better stop on the pubs – or write a seperate

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Dodos, Trepanning and Shrunken Heads – what more could you want?!

Cowley Road – tapas and beers and sherry. Amazing food. Fantastic decor
without being cheesy – cool and peaceful you really could be lost in a

The Paddyfields, Hythe Bridge Street – our very favourite Chinese Restuarant ever! Just give it a go.

Lung Wah Chong,
Hythe Bridge Street – Chinese supermarket next door to the Paddyfields.
Everything you could want from foods, to kitchen utensils, to DVDs and
flights. But be warned: the most amazingly rude people work here!

Broad Street – I could happily loose entire days in here – and often
did. The best bits include the subterranean room and the top–floor
second–hand section.

Walking in the Meadows – Christchurch Meadow, Port Meadow you name it.

5 Responses to “My Oxford”
  1. David Sait says:

    You’d need to do a separate entry, as you missed out The Turf!

  2. Tom Abbott says:

    always liked the yelps in the covered market when the tourists turned
    the corner to be faced with a whole hanging deer in the butchers – made
    me smile anyway.

  3. Steak pasties from the Covered Market.

    sure either one of us could name at least another 30 good things in
    Oxford. For me, however, The Turf would no longer be in the list. It’s
    just such a dump. Quite squalid.

    Pitt Rivers is the no.1 gruesome attraction.

  4. That’s making me all nostalgic for the wonders of Oxford and Cowley Rd.

    Those pasties became the essential lunchtime fodder in library breaks.

    The University Parks are lovely to amble through as well.

    Also the naked monument of Shelley can occasionally call me in to say hello to it….

    Although rowing on the Isis on a summer’s day past the boat houses has to be one of my favourite things to do there!

    Sad to say I found myself missing the dungeon of the Union’s Purple Turtle the other dady though, and that worried me somewhat…

  5. Hi Casey,
    I would have to put the St Giles’ Cafe on my list – where my first of
    many undergraduate hangovers was soaked up by a huge cooked brekkie,
    the best in Oxford!
    I took the children into town to get new shoes over half–term, and
    although I desperately miss student life and the freedom with which we
    ‘owned’ the city, I really loathe going in now to do the shopping.
    There are too many tourists and badly behaved foreign exchange
    students, and I can’t help but notice how grubby everything looks. But
    hey, lazy afternoons in the Kings Arms on Holywell, picnics and poetry
    by the side of the Isis, buses that stopped to let you pass if you were
    wearing your red carnation on the last day of finals…
    It’s all good.
    Love, as ever,
    The Happy Housewife

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