The Little Things

I’m always most pleased with myself when I remember to do the little things in life.

This morning I remembered to put the bins out.

7 Responses to “The Little Things”
  1. Tom Sharp says:

    I wasted 10 seconds of my life reading this post. I want my 10 seconds back…

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    It took you 10 seconds to read two lines?

    Did you have to spell out some of the words?! ;–)

  3. Hywel Rowles says:

    Dammit! I forgot to put mine out.


  4. Steve Rumsby says:

    week I remembered to put them out on Wednesday morning and was very
    puzzled when they weren’t emptied, and neither were our neighbours.
    This week I found out why. The bins were emptied not long after 7am
    this morning. Fortunately I’d put the bins out last night, not waited
    until this morning, or I would have had three weeks rubbish waiting for
    next week…

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    Well, I got home last night to find that someone has stolen our green (brown) bin. Thieving bastards – bring it back!

  6. Steve Rumsby says:

    often wondered what should happen in that situation. Can you just phone
    up the council and ask for another one? I feel a small ebay business
    coming on:–)

  7. jesse says:

    thought i would let u all no wot my asshole neighbours are like
    ………. i live in the bottom of a court and my bins are ment to go up
    the road a little bit so it is easy for the truck to collect them but
    they dont want anyone’s bins on there lawn so i hav to walk right down
    to the end of the street to hav the bins emptyed which i think is
    really unfair the lawn i am putting my bins on isnt even theirs its
    councils land??? wot do u think i should do ? do i hav a right to put
    my bins where ever i want?

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