Round Up

might be the longest length of time that I haven’t blogged for since
starting my blog – and actually it’s for no particular reason…

So a round up of things from the last fortnight:

  • Redoing our front garden – it’s now a vision of purplely slate and lavenders and grasses
  • Visiting Costco – and coming home with more pallets of food than we can eat in a year (hey, it all seemed like such a bargain!)
  • Easter Sunday lunch at Himself’s parents
  • Re-joined Weightwatchers
  • Green & Black Easter Egg
  • Watching some comfortingly rubbish TV: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Cats and Dogs and Tomb Raider!
  • Sammy’s party
  • Meeting new people
  • Invitation to Trace & Nath’s Eurovision party
  • Attacking Yvonne’s house House Doctor-style
  • Trying to guard the robins in the back garden from Sprackle
  • Collecting unwanted Eucalyptus and Ceanothus from Trace & planting in back garden
  • Interviewing Becca for a podcast on her Wanton Nights conference
  • Meeting Domna Lazidou
  • Having three days off work – in addition to the Bank Holidays
  • Talking lots about HR

And a top secret thing – all may be revealed in a few months.

2 Responses to “Round Up”
  1. Sounds
    like a whole bunch of good reasons not to have blogged! I really need
    to sort out my front garden – what you’ve done sounds really nice..
    Mmmm Green & Black chocolate… And something top secret? Intriguing…

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    You can talk – you have one very good reason!

    saw a lady the other day with a very funky blanket arrangement – it was
    a triangular blanket with a kind of belt loop at the side so that she
    could winch the baby in against her. Now that’s multi-tasking!

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