The Return of Green Wing

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Yay – the return of Green Wing tonight! I’ve been looking forward to it for ages!

Why did they have to put it up against Hustle though?! Grrr.

The one that you wish you could be as rude as…
The one that you’re scared that you secretly are in real life.
The one you quite fancy in a wierd way.
The one that “looks like the donkey from Shrek”.

22 Responses to “The Return of Green Wing”
  1. Tom Sharp says:

    very freaky! I was just talking about this show to Vicky, and half way
    through the conversation i get a blog alert to this blog!
    Hope it’s as good as last series…

  2. Although I do wish I could some of the things that Sue says, my favourite scene that involves her is this one:

    Guy: “You know what I like about you?”

    Sue: “What?”

    Guy: “Fuck all!” [Guy leaves]

    Brilliant. Can’t wait.

  3. Allan Smith says:

    I find it watchable, but not brilliant (although it has some great moments)

    can’t get past the endless fast/slow bits between sketches. I’d prefer
    if they got rid of all the fluff and cut the show down to 30 mins; I’m
    convinced you’d have a solid show there.

  4. It
    is so good that I have literally been looking forward to this for
    weeks. Watching every “catch up” episode on C4 through the build up. It
    has been the highlight of my day!

    Not sure I’m going to be
    able to cope with one a week!! And Matthew, I agree, that is also my
    favourite quote. It is the way that Guy says it that makes it!!

  5. Fav quote right here too!

    I cannot wait for Green Wing! 😀

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    I am the zeitgeist of Warwick – clearly!

  7. Stuart Coles says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t find it funny in the slightest?

  8. Casey Leaver says:

    Wow – I’ve finally hit the:

    People Are Discussing


  9. Thought I’d missed it! Don’t do that to me!

  10. Allan Smith says:

    The little ‘Green Wing: nearly ready’ vignettes Channel 4 have been running since 1989 (ish) were pretty bad.

    this series fares the same as Peep Show ratings-wise, I wonder whether
    they’ll pull the same ‘We’ll cancel it/Ok, we won’t, now love us’
    routine again?

  11. Tom Sharp says:

    Peep Show rocked. I have both previous series on DVD,
    and am awaiting the 3rd. It got overlooked in comedy awards over the
    last few years, but now it’s getting the respect it deserves. Anyway,
    back to The Green Wing…

  12. James Hughes says:

    You are not alone Stuart, not at all.

  13. Stuart Coles says:


    Peep Show is actually funny, which is a good thing for a ‘comedy’

  14. Tom Abbott says:

    ever much I was curious to watch this the seemingly endless trailing by
    C4 has kind of put me off really – coming soon….coming soon…coming soon
    – oh for fucks sake get on with it…

    felt like the arrival of the second Stone Roses album.

  15. Allan Smith says:

    Apparently Axl Rose wrote a column wishing they’d just get on with it.

  16. James Hughes says:

    Also agree with the Peep Show verdict, Mr Coles.

  17. Allan Smith says:

    It wasn’t great. And I’d forgot how distracting the fast-slow-fast-slow-fast-slow-fast-slow nonsense can be.

  18. Lisa Cooper says:

    Dude, Sue is my favourite, she rocks 😀

  19. I just LOVE the bits with Boyce winding up Dr. Statham – quality!
    Though I was kinda disappointed by the first episode of this second series. Hope it gets better as it goes on.

  20. David Duke says:

    thought some of the bits with mac in the coma were brilliant! also
    especially liked some of the office gags, which i usually find a little
    pointless, very funny, i liked, still room for improvement tho, and is
    it me, but those stop start bits are not really liked by anyone, they
    are just unneccassary, and self indulgent rubbish by the creators

  21. Donna says:

    thought the new series was a bit slow to start but had some excellent
    points. Alan stratham sending flies to Joanna was funny along with the
    scene with him and Boycey. Im not sure what you mean by slow bits….but
    i like the fact this show is a mix of a sketch show and a story line.
    With comedy sketches, although theyre funny to begin with, they get
    tiring quickly and the show fades away.

  22. Tom Hunns says:

    i seem to be completly wierd and like the fast and slow bits, makes it
    a bit querky and sets it apart – they also help split up the sketches
    (which in a part sketch show is definately a good thing). Yeah the
    gags, although pointless are great.

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