Cute Models – Not That Kind

Follow-up to CASE Europe Internal Communications Seminar from Casey’s Blog

Stolen from Ellen Ferrara’s presentation – courtesy of Charles Handy and Roger Daprix.

Hierarchy of Employee Needs

A Hierarchy of Employee Needs – adapted from Maslow

Audience by Category

Mercenaries – Out for their own advantage, with you when you can offer the best package… gone as soon as times get hard.

Apostles – Advocates of your brand, champions of your plan, energised contributors… the ideal employee.

Hostages – Staying with you because of circumstance, either personal or professional, but not happy about it… and thus not engaged.

Terrorists – Unhappy and looking to get out… but angry enough to wreak havoc as they go.

OK, so they are both a bit crude – but aren’t all models? They’re also food for thought.

The point of the first one is that selling the corporate line is not how sucessful internal comms works, it starts much earlier.

point of the second one is that very few people are going to be
‘Apostles’, for most people yopu have to balance things like career
development and working environment with things like clear vision and
strategy. It’s also that some people are not worth winning over!

4 Responses to “Cute Models – Not That Kind”
  1. Eleanor says:

    Well i’m not a Mercenary, a Hostage or a Terrorist – so I must be an Apostle right?!

  2. marty smith says:

    First model: I struggle to make the link between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – link – and the model used in your training course to explain how to sell the corporate line.

    Second model: how does knowing it help you with your job>=?

  3. The second model misses out the most important category: guerillas. I would say that their description would be:

    a keen understanding of your organisation, tools and mode of operation,
    but with an entirely different vision and ethos, seeking to take
    control of and redirect its future to new and unexpected ends.
    Dispersed everywhere, fighting them is futile, “like eating soup with a
    knife” (T.E.Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, chapter 33).

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you all. Nice quote Rob.


    I think the link between Maslow’s hierarchy and the first model is that the diagram works in exactly the same way – the base of the pyramid shows the absolutely basic needs etc.

    And each level must be provided before another can be added successfully.

    Does anybody care? corresponds almost exactly to Love/Belonging for example. The parallel seems obvious to me – what do others think?

    The second model
    serves as a useful reminder that there are many ways to break down an
    audience – and also that you just ain’t gonna please everyone all of
    the time. Finally it emphasises the point that it’s always easy to
    forget – you are always communicating to individuals. People want to
    know how things affect them.

    As for selling the corporate line, I work in a University and in this environment that concept is a dirty anathema!

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