Partwork Cath Kidston

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You know it’s time to stop buying Cath Kidston when they start giving it away free with magazines.

summer, I bought two fitted single sheets from a yardsale in Earlsdon.
I have been intending to do something creative with them all winter.
But I have no idea what.

They are highly coloured and
patterned and attractively faded (you pay extra for that at Cath
Kidston)! I think I had romantic notions of patchwork and things.

parents got me a Cath Kidston guide to interior design a couple of
years ago and I got over-excited about the boundless possibilities once
we had our house.

Now I realise that there are a miriad of
practical, functional, remedial things that need to be done before you
can get elbow deep in materials and patterns, wallpaper swatches and
tester pots.

Still, we have set ourselves a deadline of
sorts – Nan and Grandad are coming to visit soon and the spare bedroom
must be habitable by then. We’ll have to buy a bed for a start!


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