Chinese Sweets

a certain day, whilst out walking, I popped in at a local supermarket
as I was in need of some bottled water. (Can’t drink from the tap
here). Now, at the Bund, we had seen people eating little dark
shrivelled lumps, and wondered what they were. I saw some in he
supermarket, and picked up a packet to inspect them. They are actually
preserved plums, flavoured (or dusted with) liquorice. (Very different
from what we know as ‘prunes’). Bought some to try, and they are
absolutely delicious. There are a few varieties available, but I like
the ‘dark plums’. I am addicted already! I also bought some blocks of
‘sliced coconut meat with walnut kernel’, very nice too (each one is
wrapped separately, and is bite-size), and something called
hongxinyushu, which looked as if it could have been dried paw-paw, but
isn’t. Tastes nice, though – sort of chewy, with a flavour like
something between carrot and mango. This sort of snack is very cheap
here, whereas potato crisps, biscuits and chocolates are horrifically
expensive. Possibly another reason why the Chinese people are so slim.

Source: Shanghai Expat

Ian has bought us sweets back from Singapore, he’s been on a conference.

I’m becoming addicted to the preserved plum ones!

ingredients are plums, oranges, sugar, salt and licorice – they are
sweet and salty – but they are unlike any sweets we have here.

fascinated by the packaging – first you unwrap the outer ‘sweetie
wrapper’ then there’s a largish piece of rustly polythene covering a
very sticky paste.

We also have lemon and ginger ones – a
similar consistency (which people seem to be finding less palatable)
and a kind of oily wafer with hickory nuts in covered in translucent
fine rice paper (very nice).

They’re fantastic. Where can I find a retailer or a recipes?

are also so very different from anything that we would think of as
sweets – they’re preactically a health food for goodness sake!

8 Responses to “Chinese Sweets”
  1. Casey – the consensus on this side of the office is that they are really not nice….

  2. Try
    The Globe supermarket in Leamington, it’s at the top of the Radford
    road, near the railway bridge and Costcutter. There’s also a chinese
    supermarket in the city arcade in Coventry and a chinese food stall
    most days in Cannon Park. I also highly reccommend White Rabbit
    sweeties, they also have that rice papery thing on them and they’ll
    break your teeth but they are so nice 🙂

  3. The plum sweets are great. Can i come and try the lemon and ginger? Please?

  4. Natalie Snodgrass says:

    If I’d known you’d like them I’d have brought a selection back for you earlier!

    re. White Rabbit – you need to suck on them till they get nice and
    moist and malleable – then they won’t break your teeth, though you may
    be picking them out of your molars the rest of the day… 😉

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you all. To quote Scarlett O’Hara (I think):

    I’ll never go hungry again.

    Robert – Of course! I can out some in the internal mail if you like.

    Roisin – Thank you – I’ll source some from somewhere.

    Natalie – Thank you – I didn’t know I liked them myself 🙂

  6. Natalie Snodgrass says:

    Next time I’m heading in that direction I’ll take orders 😉

  7. Natalie Snodgrass says:

    Oh, and there’s a wide range of sweeties in the Chinese supermarkets in Birmingham, if you’ll be in the area anytime soon 🙂

  8. Thank
    you for the sweets Casey. I shared them out during our team meeting.
    They were really nice, except the one that John got, which seemed to be
    unusually revolting.

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