Oscar Get Ups

Writing about web page http://www.oscar.com/oscarnight/redcarpet/2870.html

These are the Oscar looks that I, with no fashion expertise at all, am going to designate to The Drawer.

Bullock, with a dress worn over the front of her real dress –
presumably to protect it so that it’s in good condition when she gives
it back to the designer that’s loaned it to her.

Jessica Alba with pointy shoulders and a monster quiff.

lady, whoever she is, ran out of material at the last minute – so she’s
cut one of Madonna’s 80s stage outfits in half, dyed it to match and
glue-gunned it onto the front of her frock.

lady, again no idea, has taken inspiration from the toilet roll dollies
that some people ornament their bathrooms with. Not only that, but
she’s been extra thifty and fashioned it out of dirty net curtains.

far from one of her worst, in fact Helena Bonham-Carter’s dress is
presentable – but is that amount of backcombing necessary or feasible?

Theron’s dress is so odd – it looks like it ought to be nice. You can
certainly admire the construction, but how annoying would that bow on
the shoulder be?! I imagine you’d feel like a dog with a plastic cone
around your neck.

I didn’t mention the Dolly Parton pink macramé number – you can’t help but love Dolly – she’s like Malibu Barbie in retirement.

All photos ‘borrowed’ from the Oscar website – thank you very much!

Maybe later we’ll do the best outfits – for my money Rachel Weiss looked completely beautiful.


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