Who Likes Rhythm and Blues?

Follow-up to Wilko Johnson & The Suspects from Casey’s Blog

And I’m not talking about R’n’B. I’m talking about what turned into rock’n’roll.

If you like twelve bar blues including:

  • Bo Diddley
  • Chuck Berry

And British Blues including:

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Cream
  • John Mayall
  • The Small Faces

Then you will love Dr Feelgood, described by Wikipedia as:

Feelgood are a popular British Pub rock band, who were formed in mid
1971. Although their most commercially productive years were the early-
to mid-1970s, they continue to tour, and record to this day. Best known
for early singles like “Back In The Night”, and “Roxette”, they hailed
from Canvey Island, Essex (east of London). The group’s distinctively
British R&B sound was centered on Wilko Johnson’s choppy guitar
style. Along with Johnson, the original band line-up was comprised of
John B. Sparks (bass guitar), John Martin aka The Big Figure (drums)
and Lee Brilleaux (vocals).

See the entire Wikipedia entry

And if you like them then you need to come and see:

The Wilko Johnson Band
supported by
The Suspects

at the Albany Social Club on Sat 13 May. (Ticket Availability)

2 Responses to “Who Likes Rhythm and Blues?”
  1. I’ve
    seen Dr Feelgood before, years back (maybe as many as 10 years back –
    eeek) along with The Blues Band and The Hamsters – a very good night
    all round really. It stuck in my mind, clearly!!

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Excellent! See you there?

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