Blog Usability – Top Ten Mistakes

Writing about web page

Some weblogs are really just private diaries intended only
for a handful of family members and close friends. Usability guidelines
generally don’t apply to such sites, because the readers’ prior
knowledge and motivation are incomparably greater than those of
third-party users. When you want to reach new readers who aren’t your
mother, however, usability becomes important.

User Defined

  • No author biographies
  • No author photo
  • Nondescript posting titles
  • Links don’t say where they go
  • Irregular publishing frequency
  • Mixing topics
  • Forgetting that you write for your future boss

System Defined

  • Classic hits are buried
  • Calendar is the only navigation
  • Having a domain name owned by a weblog service

According to usability guru Nielsen

One Response to “Blog Usability – Top Ten Mistakes”
  1. “Whoops”.

    Then again, I’m aware that my boss reads my blog…

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