Eating Brillo Pads

Kale or Brillo Pad?As
of last night I have drawn a bit of a truce with kale. We didn’t get on
before – I always had the distinct impression that I was eating brillo
pads. But I solved this with the simple expedient of boiling the
bejesus out of it.

We are trying to eat seasonally at the
moment. We went to the Farmers’ Market in Stratford on Saturday and
bought veg from the relatively small selection on offer.

last night I cooked a version of a Nigella Lawson kale, potato and
chorizo stew. But of course, being me, I couldn’t leave it at that so
breaking the seaonal vow I added cider vinegar, frozen broad beans and
spinach to bulk it out.

This morning it occurred to me that I’d basically cooked posh coddle

other trauma was that we had no decent sherry in the house to drink
with it – so (I’m ashamed to admit) we drank old-lady-style Harvey’s
Bristol Cream as an apperatif.

And actually, I enjoyed it.
Just as well as it was a present from Nan & Grandad for Christmas
and the full litre has been sat in our fridge door since Christmas.

Hmm – maybe I should try a trifle next.

also bought a roll of surloin at the market, and as Mum & Dad are
coming up at the weekend I’m trying to think of something to do with it.

I think of it, I would like to thank Marcin Stepan for the bunch of
flowers that he bought me yesterday. It was a thank you for publicising
the Warwick Polonia Solidarność conference on insite

In other news:

  • Himself is busy at college and work and looking forward to half term next week
  • Sprackle
    is behaving very oddly at the moment and is guarding the cat flap – I
    think we’re having problems with Yusef from down the road
  • We have got tickets to see the Magic Numbers at Wolverhampton this month and the Dead 60s at the Colly in May
  • Himself is nagging me to get tickets for various comedy shows at the Arts Centre

One Response to “Eating Brillo Pads”
  1. Pop says:

    Kale — what about the German dish we have on the Koeln Xmas market —- (grunsomething) or :——


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