15 Minutes of Fame

Who Should Paint Me?

Apparently Andy Warhol

This is interesting. During IB art I was obsessed with Warhol and Lichtenstein

Which artist should paint your picture?

I’m not sure what I would have said if you’d asked me…

Maybe Vermeer or Edward Hopper? Or Grant Wood (American Gothic)?

But then that makes me sound as though my taste in art only stretches to realism – and that isn’t true.

So how about Matisse? Or Degas? Or Toulouse Lautrec?

actually I quite fancy Degas – but then that’s probably the five-year
old inside screaming to be allowed to hang from a rope in a leotard or
wear a starched tutu…

Or maybe something more like
L’Absinthe – I’ve loved that painting ever since my Mum’s friend Julie
bought me L’Assommoir for Christmas when I was at school. It was on the
front cover of my Pengiun edition.

Hmm, this obviously requires more thought…

Another question has just sprung to mind though – if you were (or could be) a literary character which would you be?

My first thoughts were Becky Sharp, Elizabeth Bennett and Fanny from The Pursuit of Love.

I’ll come back to you on both of these…

2 Responses to “15 Minutes of Fame”
  1. Casey Leaver says:

    Or Anne of Green Gables, or the Girl from Rebecca?

  2. Only Francis Bacon could do me justice.

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