Grinning with Exhaustion

Working at the Winter Degree Congregation 2006This
is me at about a quarter to 6 yesterday grinning like a loon at Paul
Harper who insisted on taking this photo of me gowned up.

The reason that I am grinning like a loon is through sheer exhaustion.

doesn’t sound much like hard work but I had been looking after Civic
Dignitaries all day – and although they were all lovely it is hard work
keeping up cheerful conversation all day. I don’t know how they manage
it themselves because they are all always unfailing pleasant.

At this point I had also been on my feet* for most of the day bar two long degree ceremonies and was about to go into the third.

Despite all this it’s probably a better photo of me than my actual degree photo of which my sister remarked:

You’ve got a shiny nose and a fake smile.

So, mum & dad – sorry I haven’t returned your call yet this week – but look – have a new photo of me in my gown.

*In the least comfortable shoes in the world. (What possessed me?!)

6 Responses to “Grinning with Exhaustion”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    You did look very elegant yesterday in the procession!

  2. Holly Cruise says:

    Lady of style and class.

  3. Pop says:

    Yep — much better than the original — actually looks like you !

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Why thank you – you are all too kind!

  5. skin and blister says:


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