Elizabeth David – Not Just a Culinary Heroine

Writing about web page http://news.telegraph.co.uk/wine/main.jhtml?xml=/wine/2006/01/05/edelizabeth05.xml&sSheet=/wine/2006/01/07/ixedfeatures.html

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I get the same pleasure from reading Elizabeth David’s books
as I do those of Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater – they all write
pleasing prose. Her books are instructive and inspiring and I don’t
mind her authoritarian tone a bit – because the enthusiasm for doing
things simply and properly shines through. It’s very no-nonsense.

Excerpt from "South Wind Through the Kitchen"

I also loved this week’s dramatisation of her life on BBC2 Elizabeth David: A Life in Recipes.
She appeared to be a strong woman – I have a weakness for strong women!
In fact her life story reminded me of that of Nancy Mitford: fell for
the wrong man, couldn’t see it and put up with a half life with him for
most of her life.

Anyway enough of that – I think the Mitford obsession is detailed elsewhere on the blog.

of all I liked the quote that featured heavily in the docudrama, the
dedication from Norman Douglas in a book of his own poems:

Always do as you please and send everybody to Hell, and take the consequences.

Of course, the fact that the screenplay was written by Amanda Coe (a writer on Shameless) did the programme no harm at all in my eyes.

3 Responses to “Elizabeth David – Not Just a Culinary Heroine”
  1. Pinny says:

    Love your blog, lots of interesting stuff to read here. It’s always
    nice to meet someone with strong opinions, particularly when she knows
    her food.
    Pinny xxx

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you Pinny – most kind. Your blog design is lovely.

  3. siddharth badamikar says:

    i’m working on the biography of Elizabeth David , i got some information that i required but will be very thankful if you could send some more helpful information that can help me .

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