If Further Proof Were Needed

Follow-up to Celebrity Lookalike from Casey’s Blog

– this means that the likelihood of me actually looking like Zhang Ziyi
or Nicole Kidman is slim. And I’d got my hopes up and everything….

3 Responses to “If Further Proof Were Needed”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    really depends a lot on which photos you use. I tried three different
    pics of me. In only one of these were the majority of my matched
    female, and each set was completely different.

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    You’ve created a phenomenon Helen – everybody’s at it! It’s perfect for lunchtimes, it’s silly and fun.

  3. Holly Cruise says:

    Casey, you’re still in denial about the fact you already have a celebrity clone. Look:

    Casey Leaver – Warwick Communications Queen

    Annie Mac – Radio 1 Star

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