Cat Sick

Hmm, I was later in to work than I would have liked this morning. I didn’t get in until just before 9.

On account of the fact that I was clearing up cat sick from the furthest corner of the back room.

more disturbingly it wasn’t fresh. We didn’t notice it last night
because she had managed to vomit from the windowsill into the tiny gap
between the CD tower and the radiator behind a three-foot pile of VHS tapes and a cardboard box containing a piece of flat packed furniture.

Anyone looking after a four-legged furry creature should buy this product – it rocks!

Available from Pets at HomeSimple Solution Stain & Odour Remover*

Obviously you should pick out the perfectly-formed and recognisable unchewed chunks of Go-Cat first.

*Also very good on red wine!

3 Responses to “Cat Sick”
  1. Luke Parks says:

    It is amazing the inaccessible places cats manage to be sick in; some of them are the very devil to clean too.

  2. Nathan Morris says:

    The beauty of rabbits is they can’t be sick!

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