This Brightened My Day

Writing about Which Celebrity am I? from Every Nightmare Begins As a Dream

By making me giggle at the ridiculousness of it.

Well worth a go.

Photo #1: Annika Sorenstam (68%)

Photo #2: Zhang Ziyi (70%)*

Photo #3: Nicole Kidman (70%)*

Photo #4: Hilary Rodham Clinton (65%)

How inexpressibly random!

Himself came out as 70% Pierce Brosnan on two different photos.

(Must be the Irish blood!)

*How dare you doubt my stunning resemblance to the Chinese and Australian superbabes?! 😉

3 Responses to “This Brightened My Day”
  1. Holly Cruise says:

    Never doubted you for a moment…

  2. Wow, i’m Elisha Cuthbert or Scarlett Johansson

    I must be cute

  3. Tom Abbott says:

    Hmm i got (in descending order)

    Iain Banks
    Enrico Caruso (???)
    Josemaria Escriva (???)
    Peter Sellers (Oh YES!)
    Matt LeBlanc (Oh NO!)
    Daniel Radcliffe (My milky bar kid days return to haunt me…)
    Yossi Bellin (????)
    Alec Guinness (at what point do I look like him?)

    Perhaps if I used a picture without glasses on?

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