Resurrected Idea – Jargon Buster

Now, a few of you might remember this idea from about three years ago…

An Institutional Jargon Buster

Database with all our TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) etc., giving definitions.

Invaluable for new starters and long-term staff alike.

Each definition to have an owner – who keeps their definitions updated online.

I even got as far as soliciting acronyms and jargon from RSS (Research Support Services), the University Secretary’s Office (for committee-related jargon) and the Students’ Union.

I think Personnel, Estates, IT Services and Finance are also prime suspects.

2 Responses to “Resurrected Idea – Jargon Buster”
  1. Max Hammond says:

    link is usually pretty helpful for anything with wider scope than warwick

  2. David Wraith says:

    Yes I like that external one.

    I imagine there’s loads of university-specific ones. We had one at RM
    in the first days of our intranet, and it was one of the most popular
    features. They had it linked from the home page and it was really
    useful – especially to new joiners, which would help improve the
    quality of info provided for inductees.

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