Writing about web page

There is no direct translation – it means something like a dossier of details of all committee members.

But – it’s a very interesting idea.

It may contain the answer to the perennial moan

I can never find the right person to talk to/ work out who does what/ find the telephone number for X… etc.

just off the top of my head, what kind of things what we want on each
individual’s form, and how would we want to be able to search for them?

Form categories:

  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Maiden name/previous name if applicable
  • Job title
  • Job Description
  • Job Description keywords
  • Skills
  • Languages spoken and level attained
  • Work Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Work mobile if applicable
  • Working/office hours
  • Current projects
  • Official
    positions (i.e on University committees/ groups or Departmental
    Admissions Tutor/ Residential Tutor/ available mentor… I could go on…)
  • Department
  • Subdepartment if applicable
  • Position on department’s organigramme
  • Previous roles at Warwick

(Ah – the French are so practical about these things)

(Obvious all of this would be University-only.)

So, which categories?

  • By department
  • By sub department
  • By position on committee/ in department
  • By job desciption keyword
  • By skills
  • By languages spoken
  • By variations on name

Obviously each person to be responsible for updating their own details…

OK – I’ve run out of steam for the meantime – but I’m sure that this is a winning idea. What else?

Oh yes, the inspiration for this comes from INSEAD, Debbie Montelly, their Internal Comms person, tells me that they have one.

don’t know how it works or what it looks like though, in fact until
this morning I only knew what its function was – and I know that we
need something that fulfils that function.

So – come on, help me out – what else?

11 Responses to “Trombinoscope”
  1. What
    I’d find really useful is a person’s / department’s specific location
    within the University. This would be especially helpful when the
    department is somewhere in University House or when department’s staff
    is split over different campus buildings.

  2. A
    photo would be good….then I could check out the male talent here (or
    lack of!). Seriously – a photo because its not great when you have to
    go to a meeting with someone and you don’t know what they look like.

  3. Kieran Shaw says:

    it would happen, a few of us in e-lab were thinking along very similar
    lines. Our idea wasn’t quite so grand, but it basically came out of the
    need for a better email/phone directory online. Throw some money our
    way and I’m sure we can build one 🙂

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    Excellent news!

    But in order to fund it I need to justify it by proving that it is needed and that it would be useful and popular.

    So, if you like the idea please leave a comment. ..all ideas welcome.

  5. Chris May says:

    hold out too much hope for photos though; that was tried a while back
    and proved not exactly popular with the Data Protection people…

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    Good point, I think I remember that discussion too.

    The photos could be voluntary – but there ought to be some kind of e-portfolio-style template.

    other thing to bear in mind from the get-go is that there are a few
    systems in existance which, if not exactly similar, could overlap.

    Just off the top of my head for example:

    The Research Support Services Expertise System
    The Communications Office Experts’ Directory
    The e-learning Experts Directory

    I suppose this is verging on Knowledge Management… The key thing though is making the information accessible.

  7. Owen Lloyd says:

    like a good plan – wonder whether it could be tied in with other
    systems (I’m thinking printed phonebook, online phonebook and phone
    system directory, all of which differ at the mo, perhaps)?

  8. Angie Cross says:

    think this is an excellent suggestion – with all the new starters
    around here and all the old telephone books it would be a really great
    first point of look-up. As to content, how about a male/female tick box
    for those with ambiguous names (Chris, Sam, etc) that aren’t always
    checkable against their title if they’re a Dr, etc? And I’d also vote
    for a ‘current status’ section, showing (for eg), period of employment
    for those on fixed term contracts, whether on study leave/secondment,
    maternity leave (yay!), etc?

  9. Thomas Moore says:

    there is need for a fundamental application – like an email phone list
    that works or even better a staff directory, looking for some money,
    where should it be/is it logged? Is it number 21 in a list of things in
    the VCs head? or maybe it hasnt registered on the VCs radar yet. You
    only have to look at all the departmental web sites that manage staff
    directories in their own way, to see that a central function is needed.
    If its not on anyone’s radar yet, how do we get it there? I’d happily
    accept its number five in the list if I knew what 4,3,2 and 1 where.

  10. Casey Leaver says:

    Well, ‘Thomas’… I’m guessing that you know all this already…

    Not all money comes from the VC. He does not make unilateral decisions about what to spend money on.

    Department has its own budget – as this is unplanned expenditure it’s a
    matter of selling it to Departments and asking them to contribute so
    that we can get started this year or putting it in next year’s budget and waiting until then.

  11. Casey Leaver says:

    Anyway – the answer to your question:

    It’s up to people that work in the University to notice and make plans to do something about it.

    ask for money to do it in their budget planning or solicit support from
    a number of departments and fund it as a joint effort.

    short it is now on the radar and we will be doing something about it –
    whether it’s a piece of elab work to improve the Directories (see
    Kieran’s comment) or something a bit more extensive.

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