And Finally….

A suggestion box/rewards scheme for fantasic ideas of merit to the organisation….


3 Responses to “And Finally….”
  1. David Wraith says:

    You are on a roll Casey!

    think suggestion schemes have merit, but only if our top people really
    want to hear suggestions, and are willing to consider them seriously.
    Otherwise its a black hole which will have negative effects rather than

    In my experience, encouraging people to give
    suggestions is less difficult than getting people to evaluate them and
    take actions…

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    True, true.

    We used to have a really good reward scheme at Unipart

    It was called Mark in Action – Chris McClelland probably remembers it.

    It took a full-time member of staff to administrate it though.

    It did have a lot of bells and whistles though. We could probably strip a lot of those out.

    We could make up a panel, with a budget, to assess suggestions… probably including the Registrar, a PVC, an external member of Council etc.

  3. David Wraith says:

    was Mark in Action primarily a recognition scheme rather than a
    suggestion scheme? I almost like that idea better. Do we have any
    formal recognition policy here? A budget? Apart from the 7 for xmas
    lunch of course, and the wonderful staff parties, which are both all
    staff events.

    Back to suggestion schemes, we had suggestions
    assessed first by the relevant functional manager, then successful
    suggestions were ‘scored’ for rewards by a cross-functional panel of
    the type you suggest.

    I think you need the first assessment
    – a lot of people make suggestions on things in their own work
    environment, so you need that functional knowledge (unless you invite
    the relevant functional manager along to your big panel). But it can be
    difficult getting managers in those roles to take it seriously and
    provide reasonable feedback, especially if they don’t think the ideas
    are any good. You need some heavy senior management commitment to
    ‘encourage’ them to do it!

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