Christmas is Open

I’ve officially declared it so.

This is because this is
my last week at work until January and I can feel the Christmas spirit
coursing through my veins (although that might just be too much
gluhwein and sloe gin over the weekend!).

I even distributed Christmas cards this morning – which my colleagues hate me for…

We went Christmas shopping on Saturday and managed to get there and back without rowing despite it being Hell on earth.

The Bullring doesn’t know about Goodwill to All Men.

But we did allow ourselves a small Bratwurst and Gluhwein break which made us feel more human.

we did laugh at the poor man with the MacDonalds ‘golf sale’ sign
(standing next to the lovely pork steaks and bratwurst and mushrooms in
cream and toffee and caramelised nuts) trying to direct people towards
Maccy Ds…


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