Perfect Girlfriend

Today I am being a perfect girlfriend.

Happy Advent Birthday to Himself.

  • I baked a birthday cake last night (Nigella’s Easy Almond Cake).
  • Got up at 5:40 (Himself’s normal getting up time)
  • Made american pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, fresh coffee and a smoothie while he was in the shower.
  • Lit candles on birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday”
  • Presented him with his presents (including the ones from Sprackle)
  • Let him eat the advent calendar chocolate.

I got him a juicer. And to all those of you who know me and
said that I was only buying it because I wanted it – ha! I am

He loves it.

We were reading the instructions, and, reading aloud, I got the list of fruit and veg that are recommended.

He listened in silence and then said:

If you think you’re putting beetroot fresh or otherwise in it you can…

(he paused to think of something suitably dreadful – and failed)

…fuck off!


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