Ulysess for Dummies

Writing about Alternative book reviews from Her Royal Highness

I would like to submit James Joyce’s Ulysess for the Book you could start now and still be trying to read the day you die” category.

Or as I heard, I think on Quote Unquote, this week:

The only reason James Joyce wrote Finnegan’s Wake was to make Ulysess seem readable.

I also found this: => Ulysses for Dummies


(Holly should do book synopsises as well as abridged history.)

Any other nominations?

5 Responses to “Ulysess for Dummies”
  1. I
    reached page 300 on a recent trip to Dublin. However, I would recommend
    reading the first 10 pages, and then skipping to Molly Bloom’s stream
    of consciousness conclusion (“yes”).

    The animated version is good, but unfortunately misses the greatest line that Joyce ever wrote:

    Buck Mulligan, preparing breakfast in the Martello Tower: “when I makes tea I makes tea, and when I makes water I makes water”.

  2. Holly Cruise says:

    I don’t really read fiction books. It is a great failing my life that I just cannot ever seem to rectify. I apologise.

  3. I’m currently half way through… wish me luck!

    “…still be trying to read the day you die.” – does that imply impending doom if I don’t give up soon?

  4. pedantic comment warning

    It should be ‘Finnegans Wake’, I think (no apostrophe) – not my bad grammer, Joyce’s choice…

  5. Casey Leaver says:

    You are, quite right.

    And the most annoying thing is that I knew that and still published it wrong. Grrrr.

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