Technical Jargon

I’ve spent a lot of time in fairly technical meetings recently.

This is a gem from a 31/2 hour one yesterday:

In terms of EIA parameters, I’m thinking on Rochdale principles.

Eh?! Meh.

3 Responses to “Technical Jargon”
  1. I
    drove through Rochdale recently. It was bleak as hell – thought I’d
    dropped through a time/space warp to Eastern-Europe circa 1983. Perhaps
    the chap/ess was talking about dealing with only a scant number of

  2. I’d
    have thought that due to the Phillipine hypothesis, that the Rochdale
    principles would be considered old hat, and furthermore FMK archdecons are the way forward.


  3. Well, because of my background, EIA means Environmental Impact Assessment to me, but that doesn’t seem to make sense either??!!

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