Internal Comms Visitors

The following people have visited Warwick to see how we manage Internal Communications within the last year:

  • Lisa McCarthy – Internal Communications Officer – University of Manchester
  • Karen O’Connor – Communications Officer – University of East London
  • Tracy Fletcher – Corporate Communications Manager – University of Hull
  • Tori Wilkinson – Internal Communications Officer – University of Hull
  • Andrea Trainer – Internal Communications – University of Northumbria
  • Debbie Montelly – Internal Communications – INSEAD
  • Meg Holmes – Internal Communications – University of Sheffield

4 Responses to “Internal Comms Visitors”
  1. Is there a reason why these communications officers are all women?

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    PR is a very female-dominated profession.

    Until you get to the top….

    I did forget the following though:

    Alan Ferns, Director of Communication, University of Manchester
    Professor Paul Layzell, Vice-President for University Development, University of Manchester

  3. Have you visited anywhere else yourself?

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    I went to Sheffield Hallam while I was studying for my CIPR Diploma.

    …and I know the set up at Birmingham and Kings College London quite well.

    In fact I recently sat on the interview panel for the first Internal Comms post at Kings.

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