Rubbish Homeowner

I rushed home last night via the CO-OP to buy wrapped sweets for little trick-or-treaters.

Then I spent a large proportion of the night lurking in the front room waiting for them to knock on the door.

I missed one lot who arrived before I got home and Himself was up to
his elbows in washing up and couldn’t go to the door.

And besides which wouldn’t have had anything to give them and probably had very little inclination to be welcoming.

Anyway, eventually I got bored and popped upstairs to sort a wash and some arrived….

I hurtled down the stairs and stood in the front room waiting for them to knock

– but they didn’t.

I stood hesitating – by which time they’d gone.

Himself and Sprackle were waiting at the top of the stairs – He then told me that he’d distinctly heard a small boy say:

I can’t, there’s only a letter box.

He hadn’t understood how to use the door knocker.

I then felt horribly guilty, and Himself helped by teasing me for the rest of the night.

assuage my guilt I changed into my tatty tracky bottoms and tucked in
to the Chocolate Eclairs, Opal Fruits and Toffees – then of course two
be-scream-masked fiends arrived.

Don’t worry there were plenty left – but honestly if someone hadn’t arrived I don’t think I could have lived with the guilt.

I atoned by practically burying the two kiddies in an avalanche of sweeties.

(They’ll be coming back to our house next year!)

8 Responses to “Rubbish Homeowner”
  1. Kieran Shaw says:

    I’m a mean old man when it comes to this. I just let Maggie bark at them through the letter box 🙂

  2. Stephen Rose says:

    Thank goodness no one knocked on my door last night, I would have threatened them with a rolling pin…

  3. Helen Ryan says:

    got loads of kids, some of whom said that they’d rather have a trick
    than treats. I’d been fully prepared for trick or treaters since
    saturday and was amazed that I didn’t get a whole weekend of it!

  4. When
    did this “trick or treat” business start in this country? It’s an
    American tradition – do kids know what they are doing and why? The
    traditional thing for this time of the year here was always “penny for
    the guy” for a week or two before November 5th. Does anyone do that any
    more. (Kieran, can I have a recording of Maggie to play through my
    letter box next year?)

  5. I expect it would be more like ‘a tenner for the guy’. Inflation.

  6. Holly Cruise says:

    Tenner for the gender non-specific person. PC.

  7. Helen Ryan says:

    Holly! Missing a historical connection with the Guy being good ole Guido? Surely not!

  8. I
    once spent a merry halloween dressed in full monster kit waiting for
    someone to call – and no one did! So I know what it’s like to make an
    unappreciated effort!

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