Overdress for Work

Writing about web page http://www.davidreviews.com/MMovies/Sep05/2005092610_medium.wmv

I can’t find a picture of the lovely girl in the lovely dress on the Mars Delight advert* – which is vexing me.

Because I wanted to say three things:

  1. I love the advert, it makes me beam at the TV
  2. I think it’s a fabulous idea
  3. I want an excuse to do it at work – Children in Need anyone?

What do you think? We could do it for staff and students, overdress for work/overdress for lectures?

Come on – you know you want to…

the one where the girl gets very, very dressed up and then goes to work
as normal in a greasy-spoon caff. If you still don’t recognise it
follow the link to watch the whole thing.

16 Responses to “Overdress for Work”
  1. Kieran Shaw says:

    reminds me of a shop I went into with my Dad when I was in South
    Africa. It was a little local computer shop and there were these two
    girls in there, one looking amazingly glam in a golden ball gown and
    the other in highly ornate goth gown and make up. Bizarre.

  2. That sounds fantastic to me – I’m well up for it!

  3. Overdress for lectures? Hmm that’s an idea, any excuse to hoik my posh frocks out of the wardrobe.

    said my friends always used to maintain that wearing ball dresses/black
    tie gowns when doing normal tasks, or ones which required holding a
    position of authority ultimately puts women at an automatic
    disadvantage due to the nature of the gowns and amounts of flesh on
    show. They were talking about formal debates, but I can see their
    point, to an extent.

  4. I
    like the idea Case but it would take me ages to get ready for work in
    the morning…I wouldn’t be able to find anything suitable…I would be
    freezing wearing a strappy/strappless dress in this office…and not many
    guys would do it… Oh the fashion dilemmas!

  5. As Eric Roberts once said “I always like to dresssss for the occasion

  6. It’s
    a genius idea! We’re intending to set a date in our house where, along
    with as many friends as possible, we will storm Cov’s trendy little
    cocktail bars in full ballgown/tux regalia – and all just because of
    that advert 🙂

  7. mike says:

    i hope this helps…

    the girl on the mars delight adver its the actress Kate Steavenson-Payne

    do a search for her on google, lots comes up

  8. Casey Leaver says:

    It is, you know. …and it really is spelt like that (sometimes).

    was slightly dubious when I googled and came up with a lot of dodgy
    looking results – so I thought it would be safer to check her
    credentials on imdb.com

    She’s been in all sorts.

    Important Note:
    They must take the voiceover off the advert immediately. They’ve added
    one and it ruins it. It was soothing and subtle before and the Alma
    Cogan music did the job of attracting your attention.

  9. Vanessa says:

    love the dress the girl wears in this advert – if anyone knows who it
    is designed by and where I could get it I’d be very appreciative?

  10. It’s made by Mango and I just spotted it in the Dec05 issue of Cosmopolitan (p260), price 70. I did a quick search for it on google but to no avail. The number they give for Mango at the back of the magazine is 020 7434 3694. Hope this helps 🙂

  11. Oh, and their site says they’ve got a store in the bullring in Birmingham too.

  12. charlotte says:

    ja da ja da ja da ja da jing jing jing

  13. i
    am the director of the ad you like and someone that works for me send
    me this link, thank you for the comments and i think you are so so
    right about the voice over, i dislike it too but the guys at mars said
    research shows it has more impact and so you will make you buy more

    ta very much,


  14. Casey Leaver says:

    Jim, you are a star, the advert is excellent.

    I hope you win lots of awards – and lots more business.

  15. Susie Payne says:

    Kate Steavenson -Payne is my daughter and I thought she looked great in the advert.
    She also did an anti drugs one( Call Frank) on ski tv lasy year . as you can tell I’m a proud mum.

  16. Casey Leaver says:

    Well done Susie – you deserve to be proud!

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