Polar Bear Pirates

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Book front cover

Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City: A Grown Up’s Book for Kids at Work
Adrian Webster
Not rated

Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City: A Grown Up’s Book for Kids at Work

really wasn’t sure what to think of this book when I was first given
it. My last manager at Unipart gave it to me with the inscription:

Enjoy being a polar bear.

It starts:

City is where the winners live. Most people who live there came from
Rock Bottom. No one has ever moved there from Complacency; that’s where
the Norms live, and to get there you go halfway up the hill and turn
left. You just stop.

There is a very small group of
people who just won’t stop trying to reach Fat City. The Norms and the
Nobodies call them Fools, perhaps not realising that one day they’ll be
the ones to discover the hardest of all places to find: a place called
Dignity where the Fools are all Kings.

It is stomach churning. …and it assumes that everyone’s focus is to get to the top of the pile.

But it was actually a very thoughtful present for a young person just starting a career.

despite being nauseating to start off with, is actually full of good
advice on a variety of matters that affect anyone who works for a

TNTs (Tiny Noticeable Things)

Don’t Feed the Neg Ferrets – Little indoor clouds… “It’ll never work… I’ll give them three months, we’ve tried it before, it’s all going downhill….”

FAFFing time – Family and Friends First Time

Hide & Seeks Champions
– a virus forcing people to exaggerate their job titles to make them
sound grander and more complicated than they really are so that they
can then either hide behind them or use them to mystify people.

might like it, you might not. I’m not sure whether I do or not, but
sometimes reading it or flicking through it clarifies frustrations and
annoyances. Which makes it a good and helpful thing.

One Response to “Polar Bear Pirates”
  1. Those descriptions are horribly familiar?

    Does it say anything about the amazingly cruel way in which polar bears eat penguins?

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