Modern Slavery

Writing about web page

I was talking to my sister the other day about her work, she’s a
graphic designer, and she mentioned a project that she was working on
for Anti-Slavery International.

Her company is doing the design work for free as a kind of a CSR gesture.

Frankly I was nonplussed – it wasn’t something that I thought of as a current issue.

But, looking at the site:

least 12 million people live and work in contemporary forms of slavery
which have been defined and prohibited in international conventions.

1807 slavery was abolished in British colonies, so Anti-Slavery
International are using the 200th anniversary to highlight the huge
problems with contempirary forms of slavery:

  • Bonded labour
  • Early and forced marriage
  • Forced labour
  • Slavery by descent
  • Trafficking
  • Child labour

This rang a bell because only that afternoon I’d heard a
piece on Radio 4 about East European girls being trafficked to the UK
and being forced to work as prostitutes. The piece connected this
phenomenen with the Chinese cockle-pickers in Morecombe Bay and the
concept of gang masters.

Obviously I felt stupid for not
connecting this with the idea of slavery – and for not realising that
it is something which is alive and well in the UK today.

I thought I’d share my road to Damascus moment with you.

(By the way – the site linked to above has not yet had my sister’s graphic design genius unleashed upon it.)


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