Never work with children…

Or anything technical.

Staff members amongst you will
have noticed the proliferation of inbox insite (the weekly all-staff
email) messages today. 19 in some inboxes, 6 in most.

For which, my apologies. The mass mail server got into a loop and was sending out multiple copies.

Lots of people got in touch to alert me correctly surmising that there was a technical problem at work.

The ones that amused me though were the people that thought I was sending out multiple copies of the same email on purpose.

Hopefully you will be amused too!

A few of my favourites:

Hello inbox insite
Stop sending multiple copies of this, had a dozen already in the last half

Please stop sending me this email. It has arrived four times this morning.

Why Have I received the email notifiaction 6 times today so far?



Is it necessary to send me 4 copies of this?

Have I won a prize or something? This is the sixth time I have received this posting!


I am being bombarded with these messages

OK, I got the first 6 copies thanks!

and my personal favourite…

I have received this at least ten times!
Please restrict yourselves.

The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of each email. It’s also here=> link

5 Responses to “Never work with children…”
  1. Jon Harley says:

    “Or anything technical”

    Now you tell me. Where’s the careers office?

  2. Casey Leaver says:


    For the benefit of Jon, an addendum:

    or people

    As I frequently tell colleagues, never work with people – they are the root cause of all problems!

    (I include myself in that statement!)

  3. David Wraith says:

    Brilliant. I think ‘STOP’ is my favourite. A wonderfully dry response to 6 Inbox Insites.

  4. Max Hammond says:

    similar thing happened to someone I worked with a few years ago, but
    more severe – some people got a hundred copies. Best reply:

    I am as enthusiastic as anyone about [the event], but is it really necessary to tell me 54 times?

  5. Casey,
    please send me more emails. No one else talks to me, so they are very
    welcome. I’ve now read the Singapore announcement almost 25 times.
    Gripping stuff.

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