Overheard this morning whilst waiting at the bus stop:

Boy 1: You fancy Kayleigh

Boy 2: No I don’t

Boy 1: Yeah you do, and you fancy Katy

Boy 2: No I don’t, I fancy someone else actually but I can’t be bothered to talk about it.

Boy 1: You do, you fancy both of them

Boy2: You’re just saying stupid stuff now

Boy 1: Are you calling me stupid?

Boy 2: No, I’m just saying that you’re talking about stuipd stuff. Anyway, you can’t talk, you went out with Katy.

Boy 1:
Yeah, but only for 2 hours… …and it was mess-about. I don’t even like
her. You so do fancy Kayleigh anyway. Why is it that whenever I see you
walking on Indistinguishable Road you’re trailing after Helen and her?

Boy 2: Because you always jab me with pens and stuff.

At this point they get on the bus.

3 Responses to “Overheard”
  1. you’ve got to love it

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