Maths Has Always Been my Downfall

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Hmmm – after a glorious 20/20 on the English last week, a paltry 14/20 on the Maths this week.

didn’t understand most of the questions and started to panic. My
stomach literally started churning just like it used to at school.

I secretly hope that it can be explained by numeric dyslexia – but I fear that might be a weak excuse.


When I first got to uni I pointed out posters to my friends.

They looked like this:

I couldn’t see what was wrong with them. I’ve always put this down to being slapdash and not paying attention to detail though.

Anecdote Ends

I got C and 4 grades at GCSE and IB subsid respectively – but I put a lot of effort in.

before we started househunting I couldn’t even say numbers with more
than 4 digits in – honestly tens of thousands just eluded me.

Hmmm – I think I’ll make this post University only!

11 Responses to “Maths Has Always Been my Downfall”
  1. Angie Cross says:

    Casey. I have a backwards clock at home that could change your life!
    The idea is that when Ronniebmp’s shaving, he doesn’t have to look over
    his shoulder to tell the time – the time is right when he’s looking in
    the mirror!

  2. Hehe I wonder what I’ll get on this one?

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Thomas: This is your opportunity to make remarks about former Arts students 😉

    Ange: Fantastic – where did you get it from?!

  4. Casey, sounds like you and me have the same problem!

    Arts subjects all the way!

  5. Steve Rumsby says:

    enough, I’ve come across several former English students that can’t
    spell, and several former Maths students that can’t add up! I’ve always
    assumed that this was because you get so far into the advanced ascepts
    of your chosen subject that you forget, or can’t be bothered to think
    about, all the basics.

  6. Steve Rumsby says:

    Arrgghhhh – John, please implement comment editing. Please.


    (Showing my age and Unix roots, now…)

  7. Angie Cross says:

    Hawkins Bazaar are excellent! There used to be one just up the road
    from me where I lived in Tunbridge Wells that I frequented, but
    according to their website they don’t have one in Coventry yet…although
    I could have sworn I saw one in West Orchards before Christmas. Might
    just have been a temporary one for the holidays, I suppose!

    They do a mailing list if you want to sign up for a catalogue.
    Really good if you’re looking for joke presents for people, stocking
    filler type things and kids gifts. I got my mom and sister some little
    wind up horsies that can race each other on a little track (they’re
    into racing). They had hours of fun. Granted, they may have been a bit
    tipsy at the time…..which means the backwards clock would probably have
    suited them, too!!

  8. Angie Cross says:

    it! I missed the apostrophe in ‘kids’ gifts’ after going on about how I
    like to ensure correct puntuation when I type! Embarrassing!

  9. Luke Parks says:

    got exactly the same as you in the quizes, Casey. The Maths one wasn’t
    going too badly until I met my waterloo in quadratic equations (as
    usual). I did have to resort to a pen and paper and a calculator
    though. 😮 I still don’t know how I wangled an A in GCSE Maths.

  10. I’m
    completely with you on the Numeric Dyslexia Casey – I’m utterly
    convinced I suffer from it, or use it as an excuse when needs be. I get
    confused with page numbers (not good when footnoting), telephone
    numbers, paying in slips used to be a nightmare…

    Again, it could well be an Arts Studenty thing!

  11. Casey Leaver says:

    2 out of 10 on Physics.

    Am only really bothered about the plug question.

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