Gone in 60 Seconds

Follow-up to Forewarned is Forearmed from Casey’s Blog

The Metro’s 60 Second Interview today is with Neil Strauss, author of The Game.

the interests of balance I thought I’d let you see what he has to say
today, which does differ slightly from what he had to say in the
weekend’s press (very good PR, moderating the message for different
audiences while sticking to the same key information):

Q: Complexity aside, this book is really a guide to pulling strippers isn’t it?

I actually don’t think so. I’d say one-third of the hundreds of guys
who I saw following the Layguide rules wanted to shag a lot of hot
girls. But there were others who wanted girlfriends or wives and they
wanted to be able to pick their partners themselves and have the skills
to approach women they were attracted to, rather than end up with
someone less desirable. No guy wants to be alone with no girlfriend.

A quick, and thoroughly unscientific, poll of my single male friends reveals a significant level of interest in this book.


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