Guardian Berliner

Writing about web page

I think the new-look Berliner Guardian is great.

I bus tested it this morning – and you can read it comfortably on crowded public transport.

Not only that – but it looks great.

“Very European” as a colleague put it. I think it’s the typography.

4 Responses to “Guardian Berliner”
  1. Hmm,
    reading the article makes me wonder how the Berliner edition is any
    different from the Times/Independent’s “halfway house” between tabloid
    and broadsheet?

  2. Holly Cruise says:

    It’s taller and has a different layout. I like it, especially the diddy G2.

  3. Jon Harley says:

    a couple of inches taller and an inch or so wider than UK tabloid
    format. They also have new presses which can print the whole thing in
    colour and have no ‘gutter’ between facing pages so pictures can go
    right across the spread. I like it too.

  4. I was sceptical at first, but I love it, apart for the inexplicable lack of Doonesbury.

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