Sprackle on Manoeuvres

The little darling (grimace) has had an eventful couple of days.

  • She endured noisy DIY on Saturday by sleeping through it.
  • She
    went out legally for the first time on Saturday afternoon but was too
    scared to go further than two-thirds of the way down the garden by
  • She learnt how to use the cat flap, but still only understands how to come in, but not how to go out.

and her pice de resistance:

  • Coming into the bathroom while I was dying my hair and leaping up out of the second-floor window onto the pitched roof of the kitchen.

My gloved hands were covered in number 006 Brazil (or whatever) so I couldn’t stop when she was teetering on the open window.

shouted to Himself who went out and climbed up a ladder to go and get
her whereupon (with very little coaxing) she lept back onto the open
window and back inside.

Thus neatly proving that she is a
self-sufficient small animal and that we were ridiculous for thinking
that she was in any kind of trouble.

Your’re probably puzzled as to the logistics of this, I’ll explain:

  • We’ve got replacement windows that look like sash windows.
  • But they aren’t sash windows, the top portion hinges and pushes out.
  • So, the bit that she was teetering on was actually the top of the lower half of the window (the bit that doesn’t open).

Cooking fat.

More photos to follow. She must think she’s in a wildlife documentary, I’m constantly stalking her with my Canon SLR.

2 Responses to “Sprackle on Manoeuvres”
  1. Luke Parks says:

    cat has been out of a few windows in her time, including, to my certain
    knowledge, one jumping/falling from my parents’ bedroom window onto the
    roof of the porch, and once jumping down into the street (where she
    isn’t supposed to go). They can be a handfull. 😀

  2. Lee Davis says:

    are surprisngly resourceful and resilient. Most of the time they have
    us worrying quite unnecessarily, I’m sure they do it deliberately.
    She almost certainly does understand how to get out the catflap, but it
    is far more fun to get you to open the door. Kelvin frequently sits
    outside the backdoor pretending he can’t get in.

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