Sprackle Houdini

She’s fairly desperate to get outside now.

Only 5 more days to go Kitten

much so that she successfully escaped twice on Tuesday. OK, so my eye
wasn’t on the ball, and yes, Himself had warned me about leaving the
kitchen window open.

…but it was only open a crack and she snuck through it like a shot.

Fortunately she knows which side her Go-Cat’s buttered on and all I had to do to retrieve her was rattle the box.

was talking to the girls last night about letting her out and was
horrified to hear that her cat when let out for the first time
disappeared all day not returning until teatime.

It’s a perfectly natural thing to do, but I’d be convinced that she’d run away if Sprackle did it.

Which brings me to my next point:

There was a girl of about my age on the bus with a baby this morning. She looked like a natural mother. She was making it look effortless.

Ah – but I wasn’t fooled – oh no!

The panic that we felt when

  • we first got the house, and
  • we first got the cat

are still fresh in my mind.

I’m sure that the

I’m not responsible enough, I’m not old enough for this, I don’t know how to do this, what happens if I break it?

reaction will never go away.

By the way, how cool is the strapline “The World Famous Self-Liberator”?!

4 Responses to “Sprackle Houdini”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    panicked when my cats were let out for the first time, largely because
    the cat I’d had before was run over one night. As it turned out there
    was enought to keep them interested in the garden for at least a week
    before they tried to go any further, they always come back for food

  2. Helen Ryan says:

    if you ever need a cat sitter who’s local, I’d be happy to look after
    her. I get cat withdrawal when I’m away from my pair too long!

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you!

    that I barged past you at the station, did you notice the mad shopping
    glint in my eye? I was worried that we were going to miss the train to
    the Bullring! …and did you see Himself trailing in my wake?)

  4. Helen Ryan says:

    I saw the glint! Poor Himself. I was a bit dazed at the time anyway. My
    own fault for lugging a stupid amount of stuff back from London!

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